Sunday, 3 January 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas

I think all participants in the 12 days of Christmas swap have opened their presents by now (those impatient ones amongst us did start early and finish on Christmas eve) so it won't spoil the surprise if I now share the fantastic work of my fellow swappers....

However I'm now teetering on the edge - and likely to throw a Pete Townsend type fit and chuck the laptop through the window - I'm so frustrated with my inability to get pictures to go where I want them in blogger! If anyone out there has any advice please do help.

For now I'm going to post with the pictures all over the place because I do want to share the wonderful creative gifts I received from clever artists.

On the first day Liz sent me a fabulous miniature book. It was wrapped as a teeny, tiny snowman and I couldn't resist starting with this one.

On the second day I opened and intriguing squishy parcel from Claudia and found an endearing little creature within.

And on day three Adrienne's parcel revealed some beautiful wearable art in some of my favourite colours - with apologies for the terrible photography capabilities in close up!

The fourth day brought Lyn's gift of a little memory album. The neatest, tidiest work ever and immaculately presented with credit for the original idea. I wish I could work so precisely.

On the fifth day I opened the present from Trish and found two gifts - a bookmark and this calendar which I think may go to work with me.

On day six I opened Annie's gift. As well as having an interesting textured lid, this box has a marvellous embroidered lining and it contained some chocolates too - but not amymore!

My surprise on day seven was a circular mini book from Elizabeth which she had cleverly wrapped by folding the paper origami style to create an envelope.

Day eight brought a dear little Christmas house from Mawgan and on day nine I opened Pauline C's gorgeous butterfly themed book of tags.

Nearly there now..... Day ten brought this watch with wow factor from Pauline H. I think the strap is made from grunge paper decorated with lovely pearlescent paints. She had wrapped this in an organza bag in lilac (another fav of mine) which she had stamped all over with a swirl design.

Day eleven's surprise was another useful item - one for the shelf by the phone - a post it note book. Yummy lilac and turquoise again with a friendly plastic butterfly embellishment courtesy of Wendy.

And finally (how lucky am I? this was all in the run up to Christmas eve) more wearable art in the form of a delicate pendant presented in a tiny decorated box from Annie.

Thanks again to all those talented artists who so generously share their knowhow and their work at UKArtswaps.

I'll leave this post with pictures of the gifts I sent. I'm off to the home for the technologically challenged now.