Monday, 21 May 2012

Oops, I did it again!

Now sometimes simple is best. I have lots of stamps with a Venice theme - I love the place - and some Rome ones too although I've yet to go there (too hot for me in the summer holidays). Just basic stamping and direct to paper with distress ink here for the front of my I themed post card.

And on the reverse by way of contrast lots of chunky glitter, Croco paint and some Diamond Glaze (to stop it all cracking and falling off) to get a cold and icy effect.                                 

And now to the oops I did it again part... Didn't I say I wasn't going to buy anything new? A set of London themed stamps just fell into my shopping basket, honest Guv. And a good job too - they were just the thing for some background stamping on this red, white and blue extravaganza of all things beginning with J.
Lots of fun with a bit of everything - improvised as I went along just like jazz. The background has sheet music, string, die cut letters and paper towel (oops got a bit stuck in the gesso by accident but never mind). Ink and paint splattered on top in characteristic uncontrolled combinations of colour.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

History repeating itself...

And here I am late once again. No surprise there then - and as ever it is the posting that is late not the journal, which in my abbreviated form I am keeping up with (just).

Here is April complete with scribblings...

And May primed and ready to go.

And I have been keeping busy with other things too.  The alphabet themed post card swaps reached letters H and G for April.

 It is amazing how many uses there are for the little sticks you get to stir coffee with. Am I the only person who takes no milk or sugar in coffee but still needs to take a stick to stir which some how finds its way home with me?

I had a bit of a London 2012 moment with this G themed card. It started out with Games in mind but somehow came all over red, white and blue Union Flag like. And yes I do know some sgements probably are the wrong way up - it was just how the scraps of paper happened to be as I picked them up.

Scratching my head at the moment for J themed ideas. Everything that comes to mind at the moment is either too difficult or needs too many new things!. Check back to find out how I get on.