Thursday, 10 May 2012

History repeating itself...

And here I am late once again. No surprise there then - and as ever it is the posting that is late not the journal, which in my abbreviated form I am keeping up with (just).

Here is April complete with scribblings...

And May primed and ready to go.

And I have been keeping busy with other things too.  The alphabet themed post card swaps reached letters H and G for April.

 It is amazing how many uses there are for the little sticks you get to stir coffee with. Am I the only person who takes no milk or sugar in coffee but still needs to take a stick to stir which some how finds its way home with me?

I had a bit of a London 2012 moment with this G themed card. It started out with Games in mind but somehow came all over red, white and blue Union Flag like. And yes I do know some sgements probably are the wrong way up - it was just how the scraps of paper happened to be as I picked them up.

Scratching my head at the moment for J themed ideas. Everything that comes to mind at the moment is either too difficult or needs too many new things!. Check back to find out how I get on. 

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