Thursday, 4 November 2010

Missing in action

I've been getting more and more behind somehow. I'm in one of those weird places where I've got too many things going on and can't quite apply myself to any of them properly.

So in a bit of catch up mode here are a whole series of snippety updates. None are in the state where I am really happy with them but if I don't make myself move on I think I might be somehow stuck for ages yet. Anyone else out there get periodically stuck in creative limbo?

So here goes...

My six month stint on The Altered Element design team officially ended in September but I never posted about my last project because by messing about with an order (all my fault) I got the goodies late. Lynne sent me a dear little jar of buttons which is too cute to open,
and a papier mache urn which has been haunting me. It is still work in progress but I've has lots of fun experimenting with Viva paints to get tons of texture on the surface.

I discovered by accident that if you put water based ink over a gesso base and then apply Croco crackle paint (to cover up what didn't turn out how you wanted) that the cracks reveal the white base and the colour is drawn into the glass like cracked surface. Still thinking what to do next - it might end up filled with chocolate coins at Christmas.

My 365 day journal challenge page for October got journalled on time but I still haven't managed to put the October title on it. November has journal squares but again no title and no journalling yet. Must try harder.

I made a couple of jewellery items for swaps this month. A bracelet using up more grunge paper charms like those posted for an earlier DT challenge and a pendant with a fabric paper cameo. Unfortunately by the time I'd sent myself doolally embroidering miniscule french knots I was up against the deadline so didn't get chance to take piccies.

And finally, the Christmas issue of Craft Stamper magazine will be hitting the shops tomorrow and it is a belter, crammed full of gorgeous and inspiring projects. Kim Costello's Masterclass on making buttons is totally brilliant and Kate Crane's bright and alternative decoration is fabulous too. And that is just for starters, you really must take a look.