Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In the spirit of Shrove Tuesday

As we make pancakes to use up food supplies ahead of fasting in Lent, I have been putting some of the many bits and pieces of crafting supplies to good use this month - some for swap items to be revealed at a later date, and a couple below just because...

This first is a new home ATC for a fellow craft swapper who moved house recently. This is based on a left over sheet of experimental background technique made with spray inks over Brilliance on glossy card. At the last minute, after the photo, I had the presence on mind to add a different number to match the recipients new address.

This is a brooch made from another experiment - this time alcohol ink on Stampbord - which I mounted onto a birthday card made from hand made (but, I confess, not by me) paper.

And I finally got round to taking a quick snap of my January journal page with random scribblings added. 

February is underway - no really it is despite my past record of tardiness! Unfortunately so far most comment is about the snow. I'm steeling myself to fill the rest of the page - probably with cross black scribble rather than anything profound to reflect the general gloomy mood after a very sad couple of weeks with the funerals of two colleagues. I will show when it is done but don't expect pretty.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

365 journal and February swap

Oh dear! Hangs head in shame - late with my 365 journal for month one and no good excuse.

Here is the page ready to start - only small and I'm being ad hoc again so I have made entries but just not managed to take the finished picture yet. It will be along soon.

In my defense February is started and has the ubiquitous snow entry already!!!! And I've also done my postcards - letters C and D - for the monthly alphabet themed swap. Just as well really as I scalded my hand last Wednesday and it is very painful at the moment. These are the fronts.

 And these are the backs.