Saturday, 10 May 2014

Oops I did it again...

Another case of stamp first think later..

Another month, another ATC swap and this time it actually calls for a gelli print back ground. Yippee, I have a box full to use.
The first one that came to hand was a pink print made using a flower stencil - with bits of blue from a previous print mixed in. Still in a bright spirng mood I continued with the floral theme by making flowers out of fusible fibres which were an indulgent purchase from the Clarity stand at GNPE recently. The picture doesn't really show them very well - they are super sparkly especially with the extra bling I added to the centres.
I dyed feathers to pick out the blue in the background - well I say dyed but really I just sprayed them with Dylusions ink and left them to dry.

And then before I assembled the ATC's I wrote on the backs thinking it would be easier if I did it before adding the lumps and bumps....

.... but I then looked at the patterns on the front and turned them this way and that before deciding which parts of the flowery background should be left uncovered. I glued all the embellishments down and then found the writing on the back was upside down when the front was the right way up. Honestly you couldn't make it up.

Saturday, 3 May 2014


I really should learn to read instructions and think before I start!

The postcard swap technique this time round was using one of Nancy Curry's surface alteration techniques to create a background to stamp over. Look here to see examples.  This is a bit like doing a gelli plate background to print but using a shadow stamp (or piece of craft foam, or acrylic block or even just craft mat) as the plate.

I love the way the edges are distinct and chose to leave a border round my postcards.

I made this print first with Brilliance inks. I used scrunched up cling film and bubble wrap to add texture.

There was enough ink left behind to make a second, paler print which looks just like a cloudy sky.

Having happily stamped and coloured onto my backgrounds I refered back to the instructions only to discover I was supposed to make landscape cards not portrait ones.
Doh! Off to start again now.