Friday, 6 April 2012

Almost back on track

It's amazing what a morning off can do! I have got my overdue March swaps complete and wrapped ready to post. The fact that they were probably still slightly damp and the PO isn't open today so they haven't actually left the buidling doesn't matter does it???

To demonstrate to the very forgiving and patient members of the swap group that I'm not making it up, here are the alphabetica postcards for letters E and F. I don't know why but E was the most troublesome letter so far. Although the most used letter in English I struggled to come up with themes - at least ones that didn't require investment in new stash - and then struggled to make what was in my head.

These are the fronts, coloured mainly with spray inks onto rather absorbent card. Soft colours and mica sheen - not that you can tell from these snaps.

And on the backs... E is embossed with punched border and letters underneath sticky backed metal sheet, with embossing powders and alcohol ink on top.

F is made from different patterned papers shaded with coloured pencils and with a tiny bit of stamping.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm late, I'm late...

Late, just like the white rabbit on my March journal page. Nothing new there then!

It seems only two minutes since I last blogged, wondering  where time was going. It definitely does go faster now than it used to when I was a girl. Was it Victoria Wood who said something about years going Creme Eggs, Christmas? Well it certainly feels that way to me.

I have just about been keeping up with the journalling in my own now and then fashion although behind with other crafty things for swaps which are still WIP.

Here is March, all green and mad March hareish.

And here all ready to start is April in soft spring colours with bird eggs.  Not very in keeping with the wintery weather that has arrived.