Saturday, 6 October 2012

Nothing changes

September whizzed by. Back to the normal routines now school is back and a huge bundle of birthdays to boot including, on 21st, what would have been the birthday of both colleagues who died far too young earlier this year.

We have an unwritten rule in our house that C*******s isn't mentioned until the birthday season is over - and that extends into October in our family. It doesn't stop the shops having Christmas cards on the shelves before the schools go back though.

It turns out that the aqua drops in the background of my September 365 (well 366 this year as Kate has reminded us) journal was very appropriate for the weather. York and other villages around us have been flooded recently.
My October page is all Halloweeny and batty - like me.

I have just kept upto date with my alphabetical themed post card swaps - getting Q and R done in the nick of time.

Q obviously is for queen, complete with gold and diamond embellishment.

And also for quilt so I patchworked patterned paper and sewed on a letter Q for good measure.

I sketched a round robin for R, making him as circular as I could and colouring in with pencils.

And on the reverse a red background stamped with some roses.

 And at the end of last week I had a little blitz and got myself sorted with October's letters already. With apologies for those of a sensitive nature S is for scary, spooky, splatter, scream, skeleton, spider, scalpel, slasher etc. Thankfully not all feature!

I'd  got whatever it was out of my system then and the reverse is seaside in water colours with a frame made out of string.

What could be better for T that a turquoise background featuring two twins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

 And on the reverse some travel tickets.

I know I said I wasn't looking forward to X but U has already got me thinking ready for next month.