Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blinked and nearly missed it!

Well there's nothing like leaving things to the last minute as motivation to get on with things - and that's what happened this month.

Right at the end of June I had an unfortunate encounter with White Van Man who very thoughtlessly drove straight into the back of my car at a junction. Nothing too serious, I was stationary waiting to turn out of a T junction so no injury but it did shake me up and stess me out. As a result most of July has gone by in a blur of not quite right-mindedness with no creative mojo and a tendency to hysteria.

The car is now mended and I now have to wait to see if I can get the costs back from the culprit, however on the up side it is now school holidays and I have had a few days off work to spend crafting and keeping an eye on my son (to make sure he doesn't get DVT from too much XBox and Olympics viewing on TV).

So I've started to catch up a bit.

Here is Jubilee June in my 365ish journal - complete with expletive (censored) regarding the accident.

And here - on time - is July all finished. That must be a record for me. The picture is a bit dodgy because the book won't stay flat on its own and I cropped my fingers out. It says "I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain" across the bottom which was pertinent at the start of July, hence the drippy background.

August is ready to go too - all seaside holiday colour schemed in keeping with the season.

For July we were up to letters M and N in our Alphabetica post card swap. Fortunately I was ahead of the game and ready to post at the end of June or they might have been very grumpy pieces of work. I'm looking forward to receiving swaps any time soon. I hope the recipients of my cards enjoy them.

Oooh, and lastly a new issue of Craft Stamper is out this week. It has an especially nice free stamp this month, some great techniques using masking tape and lots of other lovely things.