Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A New Year and a New Arrival

2011 has begun and I have prepped pages in my enormous A3 note book ready to start a new year in the 365 journal challenge. (Do go to The Kathryn Wheel to find out more.)
But this year I am determined to break rules. Obviously - I hope! - not the legal and ethical ones which make for a civilised society but the many which I have in my own head. For example this year I won't use squares in straight lines for my 365 journal. I've decided to go a bit freestyle and write randomly on the page. I might well go further and not even write something for every single day. I'm sure I will in fact simply work to another set of rules on this and other projects but a change is as good as a rest, or so they say.
Anyway, here is my January page ready for writing.

And here is the new arrival refered to in the title - Huckleberry. We got him on bank holiday Monday so he is still very timid and more than a little manic in his new home, but very cute and amusing and a diversion from getting on with things, hence the late start with my journal.

It occurs to me that I never posted last December's page when finished: so just to prove that I did in fact finish what I started (unlike all the bags of half knitted jumpers and other partially completed projects behind the sofa) here is a wonky snapshot as evidence.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

12 days - part two

Here is installment two of the wonderful gifts I received in the 12 days of Christmas swap...

A machine embroidered needle case from Wendy in shimmery subtle colours. Pretty and useful - I will stitch more in 2011.

Fiona also did some clever fabric work, making this glorious brightly patterned purse.

From Annie, a fabulous embroidered felty covered note book - looks and feels almost like tree bark and moss.

Lyn sent me this bejewelled decorated candle - too nice to light.

This ray of summery sunshine is from Jessie to take my mind off the horrid snowy weather. Scrummy texture on the frames and diddy shells to embellish although flash glare is hiding them in this shot.

This mega paper clip from Liz, with a wonderful large and glittery snowflake tag to hang on the tree as a bonus.

And these little faces peeping are the crazy cats I made, waiting to be wrapped and posted.

I want it to be Christmas again now so we can swap some more!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

12 Days of Christmas - part one

Whilst 12th Night might not strictly be upon us yet, in our 12 days of Christmas swap we started opening gifts to finish on Christmas day(ish). So, now everyone has seen all their pressies, it won't be spoiling the surprise to show you what we all got....

A polymer clay brooch from Mawgan - very festive but sadly delicate and fragile so it didn't survive the postal journey in tact.

A mixed media brooch from Claudia.

and a metal on card brooch from Hilda who parcelled it in a box cleverly folded from sheets of paper.

Next a pendant made from a domino from Jean.

and a friendly plastic necklace from Pauline. I won't be caught wearing the same thing twice this season!

And finally for this installment, an altered photo frame from Adrienne, with lovely texture and in her trade mark copper and turqouise colours.