Saturday, 1 January 2011

12 Days of Christmas - part one

Whilst 12th Night might not strictly be upon us yet, in our 12 days of Christmas swap we started opening gifts to finish on Christmas day(ish). So, now everyone has seen all their pressies, it won't be spoiling the surprise to show you what we all got....

A polymer clay brooch from Mawgan - very festive but sadly delicate and fragile so it didn't survive the postal journey in tact.

A mixed media brooch from Claudia.

and a metal on card brooch from Hilda who parcelled it in a box cleverly folded from sheets of paper.

Next a pendant made from a domino from Jean.

and a friendly plastic necklace from Pauline. I won't be caught wearing the same thing twice this season!

And finally for this installment, an altered photo frame from Adrienne, with lovely texture and in her trade mark copper and turqouise colours.

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