Saturday, 3 May 2014


I really should learn to read instructions and think before I start!

The postcard swap technique this time round was using one of Nancy Curry's surface alteration techniques to create a background to stamp over. Look here to see examples.  This is a bit like doing a gelli plate background to print but using a shadow stamp (or piece of craft foam, or acrylic block or even just craft mat) as the plate.

I love the way the edges are distinct and chose to leave a border round my postcards.

I made this print first with Brilliance inks. I used scrunched up cling film and bubble wrap to add texture.

There was enough ink left behind to make a second, paler print which looks just like a cloudy sky.

Having happily stamped and coloured onto my backgrounds I refered back to the instructions only to discover I was supposed to make landscape cards not portrait ones.
Doh! Off to start again now.

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