Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fully Charged and Ready to Go...

The camera that is, I'm not sure the same can be said for me.

Anyway here, better late than never, is my February challenge page complete with journalling. I'm feeling very smug this morning because I've already filled in today's square in March too.

And now I'm wired to the camera to transfer this picture I've got some more fab ATCs to share. The first two are ones I got by swapping at the Artisan Show last year.

This one is by Helen Chilton of Craft Stamper fame. I love the way she uses colour and birds are a favoutire of mine so I had to have this. The punched edge is great too. I now know I don't need to throw out the pages I've not lined up properly in the Bind It All machine.

This one is by L. Abery and is one of my all time favourites. Again I'm drawn to the colours but I also love that this is so beautifully put together with neat colouring and cutting (which I can't do, messy is my middle name).

The next sets of pictures are ATCs made for a swap where each player used a stamp of their choice, then sent it to the next player and so on. By the end we had each made four ATCs with each stamp to distribute so we each had a set made with each stamp. Confused?

The lovely players who participated with me were Pauline Hampson, Annie Mackay and Mawgan Dipple. My stamp was the heart one. I think it might have been a gift as it isn't what I'd generally choose but the observant amongst you might have noticed that it had a second outing on my February challenge page.

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  1. Luuuurve your hot pink calendar page :-) Glad you are finally fully charged (er - the camera I mean....) Kate x