Sunday, 9 May 2010

Birthday Madness

This weekend Dyan at Art from the Heart has thrown a 2 day Mad Hatter's Tea Party to celebrate both the relocation of her business and its 9th birthday.
I made a Mad Hatter style hat (mainly from mulberry paper, pelmet vilene and a lot of Duck carpet tape to hold it together) for the occasion which incorporated Alice in Wonderland and tea party items and a sleeping dormouse nesting in the top. Go to her blog for pictures of the amazing costumes and inventive hats created by others.

Whilst there we had tea and mega buns and played in mini workshops all in aid of charity. I also made a few (only a few honest) purchases in the shop.
Here's the tag and envelope pocket I made.
Also, having done some e-housekeeping and made room on the memory chip in my camera here at last is my April 365 journal page - all bright and spring like with tulips and daffodils in mind....
and May all ready to start - with a cherry blossom colour scheme.


  1. Your blog is so inspiring! I love your pages. The color is so rich and lush!

  2. Your hat was fab! Lovely to see you at AFTH on Saturday :-)
    Love the calendar pages and glad you finally got them uploaded. April is really zingy!
    Kate x

  3. Stunning hat!! Glad you had a fab time with Dyan

  4. Wow _ I love your hat - we are having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for my daughter's 5th birthday in July - I was so wanting to go to AFTH but it is really too far from us which is a pity or I would be there all the time!!!...take care and hope you are getting better...xox