Saturday, 3 July 2010

Keeping up to date

Here is my June Calendar challenge page. It has been a bit of a struggle keeping up this month because I've been really busy at work and with my brain working overtime I've been over-analysing what to write, determined not to have another page majoring on the weather. I only operate properly within a narrow range of temperatures. Most of the time I feel the cold, but I also can't get on with the sun or a lot of heat but I've tried not to go on about it.

My July page is ready to go. I'm not all that happy with it though - the colours aren't quite what I was after and the result is a bit too sugared almond and not enough Solero ice lolly for July.
In my last post I mentioned bloopers. Here is the result of one of my experiments with the Tyvek included in my June DT pack from The Altered Element. This is the least disasterous of the results of heating by ironing and I do quite like it - it has potential for some future project I think. The indentations look as though they will hold additional colour nicely.

And this is the result of too much heat on fusible film! The colours don't show very well in these pictures but I do like the effect I accidentally achieved where the film under the steam holes (don't use steam though) on the iron are not affected as much as the rest and leave little bubbles of different colours.

This is the effect in close up. The moral of this tale... practice a lot and don't have a conversation whilst ironing, it only takes a second too long to make a sticky mess.

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  1. OOh lovely calendar pages. I personally love the colour of July 'cos I love orange. And now you have got me thinking about Solero ice lollies mmmm :-) And don't worry about going on about the weather - you are English therefore you have a right to moan about too hot / too cold / too wet / too windy etc etc!!