Sunday, 25 January 2015

What happened?

Trials and tribulations of life, family and work... I can't believe it is such a long time since I last posted! To be fair though a lots of stressful stuff has been going on and I haven't had time or inclination for much crafty stuff for a while but at last my head is back in the right place now when I do get chance to "play".

Fewer of us played in our twelve days of Christmas swap in 2014 so I made 4 little gifts so we all had 12 presents including our own but I never got round to photos or posting - so apologies to the lovely crafters in the swap group for not showcasing their works.

I have made a crafty start to the new year (with out resolution which seems to be the kiss of death to any good intention). Our monthly regular swap for 2015 is 6x4 postcard made with a specified Gelli plate technique. So far so good because January was a basic additive technique - even I can cope with that...

I brayered a layer of cream to start with and then added:
 - sponged blue paint on a stencil and pressed 1st and 2nd generation prints onto the plate
 - dabbed red paint onto plastic canvas using my finger and made random blots onto the plate

Once I had pulled the print and let it dry I added some text stamping to the most open areas on the print.

I'm looking forward to February too because we are subtracting and that is my favorite technique for backgrounds. After that I fear I might be outside my comfort zone but nothing ventured as they say.

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