Thursday, 30 September 2010

Is it just me?

Or do other people get that "exam avoidance syndrome". You know, the one where you have something important with a deadline and instead all those things you never ever do suddenly have to be done.

When I was studying for my accountancy exams the oven only ever got cleaned when I was supposed to be revising.

This week the arrival of my son's French exchange student partner required the urgent clearance of my craft "toys" from the spare room into storage boxes so instead I got lots of stuff out and made little houses for a swap not due until 3 weeks after he leaves.

Here are the houses in question which had to be autumnal in colour scheme and include a face. I used scientists - I find I often revert back to science and engineering subjects - I somehow liked the contrast of black and white pictures with the organic looking backgrounds made with kitchen towel, doylies, ink spray and oil pastels.

I must go stand in the naughty corner now!


  1. The houses are great...but I think you like that naughty corner as have a feeling you will be off again soon.........

  2. Lovely houses, brilliant. Now, off to the naughty corner for you ...........

  3. Nice article in CS (my copy arrived yesterday). How do you come up with all your ideas?!