Monday, 2 January 2012

12 days of Christmas

I belong to a wonderful group of crafters who swap work and various themes throughout the year and every year we do a 12 days of christmas swap which involves each of us making 12 of the same item. Our marvellous coordinator then makes up a parcel for each participant with 12 different gifts from each of the other participants.

This year I made tag calendars and Christmas tree ornaments to send.

And in return I got 3 very beautiful and different brooches...

 Three clever and useful stationery items: a note book, desk calendar (with drawer that was full of chocolates) and a magnetic post it note holder now displayed on the side of my fridge...

Two lovely crafty books, one to hold ATCS and the other with pages each showing a useful prompt to kick start ideas for projects...

And three amazing stitched creations, a purse, a seasonal book mark and a case which I shall use for one of my many pairs of glasses.

Huge amounts of thanks go to the very talented artists who created these beautiful gifts for me.

Some of my work next time as evidence I haven't really done absolutely nothing during my blogging blackout.

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