Monday, 2 January 2012

Resolution number 1

As 2011 ends I was sitting guiltily at the PC trying to remember the techy bits of blogging after such a long absence, and yes I know I only have myself to blame... and it has taken me another couple of days to get round to transferring pictures from my camera so not a great start!

However, full of good intentions, New Year Resolution 1 starts now with a massive catch up and confessions of failure ready to start 2012 with a clean sheet or in the case of 365 journalling a modest sized Moleskin notebook with watercolour paper pages. Perhaps working smaller will make it easier to keep up.

So to get the confession out of the way first - I haven't finished my 365 journal, by which I mean I haven't journalled since September although I did make all the lovely inky backgrounds ready. I really struggle with the journalling part anyway and by the end of the year I just didn't feel that writing more of the same about day to day activites and grumblings about various bad stuff going on was what I wanted to do.

I'm blaming my decision to go freestyle on such large pages.  It was always going to be hard to fill the space so I resolve to try again on a smaller scale and try to keep going in 2012.

So whilst I get started here is the evidence of last year's almost done pages.

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  1. Yay! Welcome back to blogland! Missed ya! Good luck with keeping up with the journaling this year. Look forwards to seeing some more of your pages!