Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Have a heart

In April a group of fellow crafters and I have been altering some wooden hearts. I think they started life as Christmas decorations and were in a sale at 10p each. They had natural dark wooden front and back surfaces to start with, but not for long.

Often I find I spend more time trying to decide what to do than actually getting on with a project but in this case I had a new toy to try out - Kroma Crackle paint from Indigo Blu - so I knew there would be some texture involved.

I hadn't used this product before so I was interested to see how easy it would be. On the front I don't think I used a thick enough layer, and perhaps added too much paint to the mix. There is definitely a very even crackle pattern created but on a very tiny scale. To contrast I used Terra paint on the right hand side and stamped into it to create bold texture. I painted over the terra and sprayed the whole heart with spray ink which settled into the cracks and stamped indentations. This side is quite an orangy red overall with gold higlights.

On the reverse side I applied a thicker layer of Kroma Crackle with less paint added, hence the paler pink colour. This gave crackle on a larger scale and with more texture because of the bigger cracks - much more what I was looking for. I think there will be more projects coming along that feature crackle now I'm getting to grips with it. I used tissue tape to cover the portions on either side of the crackle and then sprayed ink over the whole again. I don't think the picture represents the colours terribly well. They aren't quite so fierce in real life.

I've signed up for a quite a few swaps next month so please call back soon.

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  1. It is gorgeous. The colours are definitely richer in real life, and it looks very pretty decorating the curtail rail in my dining room - thanks :-)